Q. Why should I utilize the services of the company?
With markets becoming volatile and uncertain, it has become necessary for individual investors to be cautious while investing their savings. The services of a professional financial advisor can help you to plan ahead before investing by keeping your financial goals in mind - whether it is building a house, saving for child's education or providing for post-retirement expenses.Over time, we help you build a portfolio constituted of quality debt and equity instruments. You will not be required to spend time tracking your investments made through us - we have professionals who will track these investments for you, and give you timely recommendations.
Q. Is there a minimum amount I need to invest to be eligible for your Personalized Services ?
At present, company is not an account carrier and offers only non-discretionary investment advisory services. Although we do not have a prescribed minimum investment amount, our office management processes and clears client applications subject to our internal guidelines and policies.
Q. What service fee would I be required to pay for utilizing your services ?
We have a flexible free structure based on mutually agreeable terms that is dependent upon the type of services required.
Q. How frequently do I get to know how my investments, made through you, are faring?
The frequency of portfolio review would depend on the size and nature of the portfolio that you build based on our advice. For most clients, we intend to carry out quarterly reviews. However, in case you wish to have specific information on your portfolio, you can call your Relationship manager at our office at any time.
Q. How confidential are my investments?
One of our key principles is client confidentiality. Once you have enrolled with us, only the concerned Relationship Manager, his team and the office management would have access to your account. Unless required by statute, we would not reveal your identity and investments to anyone else within or outside the organization.
Q. What kind of risks would I be taking while investing ?
All investments are subject to risks. However, the degree of risk depends on the nature of investment and market conditions.Fixed income (or debt) investments are generally less risky than equity investments. However, it is very important, even while making fixed income investments, to analyze the creditworthiness of the issuer and the effect of market forces on the debt security. Equity investments, on the other hand, are continuously exposed to the volatility in the stock market.While investing it is therefore essential that you don't always expect high returns without fully understanding the risks associated with your investments. A professional Relationship Manager at the company we will help you build a portfolio from investment options carrying different risks, so that the overall portfolio risk closely matches your risk-bearing appetite to help you meet your investment objectives.
Q. Would allocation of funds and changes to my investment portfolio be subject to my consent, or would it be at the discretion of my Relationship Manager?
We are offering broking and investment advisory services, which means that your money will be directly invested in the various investments chosen by you. While the Relationship Manager will advise on a customized asset allocation for you and recommend changes in the allocation from time to time, you will have the ultimate authority to decide the final allocation, and any changes in your portfolio would therefore also require your prior approval.
Q. What is the procedure for applying to your Personalized Investment Services ?
The procedure is fairly simple. If you wish to avail of our services, please write to the of Private Client Group at sales@companyname.com . After an initial meeting, you will be assigned a Relationship Manager who will draw a profile in consultation with you. You will be required to fill out our Client Profile Form and furnish necessary documentary details. Thereafter, your Relationship Manager will stay in touch with you for ongoing investments.
Q. Do you assure any returns on the portfolio handled by you ?
While it is our sincere endeavor that all our clients earn healthy returns on their investments, we do not guarantee any returns on the investments advised by us. Through profiling, we aim to understand your financial needs and investment objectives better, and through our strong research and committed service, we aim to help you build a portfolio commensurate with your risk tolerance and investment objectives. The performance of your investments would largely depend on market conditions.
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